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UBNT AirFiber AF24 24GHz 1.4Gbps

UBNT AirFiber AF24 24GHz 1.4Gbps
2x2 MIMO, backhaul, GPoE, napajanje, cijena za jedan uređaj
Šifra proizvoda: 11201
Jamstvo: 12 mjeseci
Redovna cijena 9.836,99 kn
(12.296,24 kn)
Vaša cijena 9.836,99 kn
(12.296,24 kn)
Za narudžbu preko 1.000,00kn 9.673,04 kn
(12.091,30 kn)
Cijene su bez PDV-a, a unutar zagrada (sa PDV-om).
Za realizaciju link-a potrebna su dva uređaja!

Radio link Ubiquiti AirFiber AF24 designed for loose band of 24 GHz with a bandwidth up to 1.4 Gbps. Units equipped with two independent parabolic antennas 2x2 MIMO enabling joint work in 2 modes : FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and HDD ( Hybrid Division Duplex) and thanks to these schemes achieve high speed and high spectral efficiency. HDD system offers low latency systems FDD and TDD systems spectral efficiency . Units can operate in Full Duplex and Half Duplex mode operates in a transparent L2 bridge and enable AES -128 bit encryption. Management is In- Band. The connection comes with Gigabit PoE power supplies.

Technical specifications :
parameter Value
Frequency ( MHz ) 24050-24250
Standards QPSK SISO , MIMO QPSK , 16QAM, MIMO, 64QAM FEC 164/205 , Cyclic prefix sixteenth hard
The maximum baud rate 1400 Mbps
LAN port 1 1Gbps -data , 1 10/100Mbps-konfigurace
Power supply 50V , 1.2A PoE GigE Adapter
Wireless operating modes AP , Client, WDS
Operating modes Bridge , NAT
DHCP server/client Yes/Yes
Output for external antenna -
Other outputs 1x RJ12 port for auxiliary - audio signaling
Encryption 128 -Bit AES
Minimum sensitivity *
Operating temperature -40 to 55 ° C
Power regulation Yes
Max . output power 33dB
Number of Antennas 2 (integrated )
Viewing angle H/V of 3.5 °/3.5 °
Antenna Gain 33dB
Yes AirMAX
chipset -
processor -
Weight 10.5 kg/with bracket
Operating system AirOS F
Supported OS -
Support for IPv6 Transparent ( bridge mode )
The default IP
The default username/password ubnt/ubnt
Contents of packaging equipment , PoE supply, power cable, manual , mounting kit to attach to mast
Outdoor use Yes
UBNT AirFiber AF24 24GHz 1.4Gbps 2x2 MIMO, backhaul, GPoE, napajanje, cijena za jedan uređaj