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UBNT UniFi Switch US-16-XG

UBNT UniFi Switch US-16-XG
UniFi Switch, 12xSFP+, 4x10GLAN, 320Gbps, napajanje
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UniFiSwitch US-XG-16 is a high performance optical switch suitable for building a 10Gbit network. UniFiSwitch US-16-XG contains 4x 10G Ethernet and 12x SFP+ ports with a total 320Gbps throughput. All ethernet and optical ports support 10G and 1G speed.

Redundant power

A big advantage is redundant or direct DC power supply. Switch can be powered with 230V AC input and 2.5mm DC connector with variable power from 16 to 25V.

UniFi Controller

Universal tool named Unifi Controller is easy to learn and allows administrators to configure and monitor features in a graphical user interface. For advanced users, a Command-Line Interface (CLI) is available through telnet and SSH.

Package contains

  • Device

  • Power cord

  • Rackmount kit

Tehnički parametri 
Serial port: RJ45
LAN speed: (4) 1G/10Gbps
SFP/SFP+/QSFP+ speed: (12) 1G/10Gbps
Jumbo frame [Bytes]: 9000
Packet forwarding rate [Mpps]: 238,1
Switchning capacity [Gbps]: 320
MAC address table: 16000
Design: Rackmount
Fans: (4) 40 x 40 mm
Chassis design: Metal
Operating temperature [°C]: -5 up to 40
Depth [mm]: 221
Width [mm]: 443
Height [mm]: 43
Power type: DC connector, Mains power (230V)
Max. power consumption [W]: 56
Power via connector/terminal: 16 .. 25V DC
Management: UniFi controller
Features: VLAN
Default IP address:, Dynamic from DHCP
Default login and password: ubnt / ubnt
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UBNT UniFi Switch US-16-XG UniFi Switch, 12xSFP+, 4x10GLAN, 320Gbps, napajanje