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Mimosa B24 24Ghz 1.5Gbps

Mimosa B24 24Ghz 1.5Gbps
4x4:4 MIMO, 1xGLAN, PoE 48V, napajanje, cijena za jedan uređaj
Šifra proizvoda: 16105
Jamstvo: 24 mjeseci

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The Mimosa B24 breaks the existing barriers of price, size, performance and power efficiency in the less crowded, unlicensed 24 GHz band.

Price Performance Leader

Delivering nearly a Gigabit of low latency IP traffic in a single direction, the Mimosa B24 is the industry’s price performance leader in unlicensed 24 GHz backhaul. Designed from the ground-up using reliable, high volume components, the B24 achieves incredible performance at a disruptive price that fits the economics of broadband providers and enterprises in suburban and urban markets.

Gigabit on Demand

To meet modern internet traffic needs where nearly 90% of the peak evening traffic demand can be in the download direction, the B24 dynamically adapts to changing demands using Auto-TDMA technology. Low-latency Gigabit throughput can be directed either upstream or downstream as needed to maximize spectrum utilization throughout the day. Legacy FDD radios are limited to symmetric traffic usage, leaving vast amounts of spectrum constantly underutilized.

Mimosa B24

Unparalleled Reliability

Don’t be distance-limited by higher frequency microwave technology. Use the B24 to avoid the congested 5 GHz spectrum and deliver superior reliability, even with rain, at practical distances up to 3 km.
* the distance depends on the total radiated power that may vary from country to country

Mimosa B24

Small and Beautiful

At a fraction of the weight, size, and power of alternative solutions, the B24 is incredibly easy?to install and its compact design fits discretely into any visually-sensitive area.

Mimosa B24

Sync that Works

Like other Mimosa products, GPS synchronization allows collocated B24 radios to share the same channel, permitting up to eight links to operate at the same site, each running at 1.5 Gbps.

Package contains

  • (1) Device

  • (1) Holder

  • (1) PoE power adapter 50V/1.2A

  • (1) Power cord

  • (2) Metal ring

  • (1) Cable gland

  • (1) Screws

Tehnički parametri 
LAN speed: (1) 10/100/1000Mbps
Optical interfaces: (1) 1000Mbps
GPS modul: Yes
Wind load [km/h]: 200
Radom: Yes
Designed for mast diameter [mm]: 28 up to 60
Operating temperature [°C]: -40 up to 55
Weight [g]: 2700
Depth [mm]: 134
Width [mm]: 260
Height [mm]: 260
Power over Ethernet: 802.3at, 50V DC
Max. power consumption [W]: 19,5
Default IP address:
Default login and password: Is set by the user at the first startup
Frequency range [MHz]: 24050 - 24250
Cross-Pol Isolation [dB]: 20
Maximum modulation: 256 QAM
Polarization: VH (slant)
F/B ratio [dB]: 30
Channel bandwidth [MHz]: 20, 40, 80
Transmission speed - 24GHz [Mb/s]: 750
Tx power 24GHz [dBm]: 4
Security: 128bit AES
Azimuth beam width (-6dB) [°]: 3, 3
Antenna gain [dBi]: 33
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Product overview
Mimosa B24 24Ghz 1.5Gbps 4x4:4 MIMO, 1xGLAN, PoE 48V, napajanje, cijena za jedan uređaj