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Solarix ethernet kabel CAT5E UTP PVC 305m/kutija

Solarix ethernet kabel CAT5E UTP PVC 305m/kutija
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The installation cable labeled SXKD-5E-UTP-PVC is a reliable part of the product line Solarix - CAT5E. Together with other components of structured cabling system Solarix creates a solution that guarantees durability, maximum performance and smooth running of the computer network. Installation cables Solarix-category 5E are designed for horizontal distribution and are available in shielded and unshielded versions with different types of shells - ie. PVC, LSOH or UV stable PE. These cables easily meet the requirements defined in the international standards ANSI/TIA/EIA 568, ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 for Category 5e and are also suitable for data transfer rates up to 1 Gb/s (ie. Gigabit Ethernet). Like other cables, also cable SXKD-5E-UTP-PVC is labeled each one meter in the range of 0-500 m. The cable is supplied in high-resistant three-layer polished cardboard box (each color coded according to the type of cable), which contains all the necessary product information, including barcodes, production batch, description and main technical parameters (eg. NVP in the form of a QR code).

Vlastnosti kabelů Solarix

Tehnički parametri 
Category: CAT5e
Ethernet support: 1000 Base-T
Bandwidth [MHz]: 100
Weight [kg/km]: 30
Installation temperature [°C]: 0 up to 50
Sheath material: PVC
Conductor wire gauge: AWG24
Storage temperature [°C]: -20 up to 60
Cable type: Solid
Shielding type: UTP
Purpose: Indoor
Length [m]: 305
Outer diameter [mm): 5
Operating temperature [°C]: -20 up to 60
Color: Grey
Solarix ethernet kabel CAT5E UTP PVC 305m/kutija SXKD-5E-UTP-PVC