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MikroTik RBwAPG-60adkit Wireless Wire

MikroTik RBwAPG-60adkit Wireless Wire
RBwAPG-60adkit, 1xGLAN, 60GHz, L3, 2 kom
Šifra proizvoda: 12556
Jamstvo: 24 mjeseci
Raspoloživost: Dostupno u roku od 7-10 radnih dana
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The wireless wire offers blazing fast Gigabit speeds for transparent connectivity between two locations, without any sacrifice in your LAN speeds. Simply point the included devices at one another and power them on, they are already preconfigured to connect automatically!

MikroTik RBwAPG-60ad real throughput

The wireless wire works in the 60 GHz spectrum and is not affected by the crowded WiFi frequencies, offering a stable and fast link for distances of 100meters or more. The kit included two wAP60G devices that are already paired together with AES encyption, for simple turnkey operation.

MikroTik RBwAPG-60ad interfaces

Device installation

Installation is very simple and the 60° integrated antenna it can be installed on a wall/pole or directly at the window with the included plastic stand. wAP 60G AP supports up to 8 simultaneous clients (wAP 60G with L3 license) on distances of 100m+.

MikroTik RBwAPG-60ad installation

Package contains

  • (2) Devices

  • (2) Power adapter 24V/0.38A

  • (2) Gigabit POE injector

  • (4) Plastic straps

  • (2) Table stand

  • (2) Mounting kit

Tehnički parametri 
LAN speed: (1) 10/100/1000Mbps
Gigabit LAN: Yes
RAM [MB]: 256
CPU: IPQ-4019
CPU frequency [MHz]: 716
CPU cores: 4
Design: Desktop, Outdoor
Depth [mm]: 30
Width [mm]: 85
Height [mm]: 185
Max. power consumption [W]: 5
Power over Ethernet: 802.3af, 802.3at, 12 .. 57V DC
Power type: DC connector, PoE
PoE type: Input
Power via connector/terminal: 12 .. 57V DC
Operating system: RouterOS - L3
Default IP address:,
Default login and password: admin / (preset password, see cover)
Wireless frequency: 60 GHz
Transmission speed - 60GHz [Mb/s]: 1000, Full Duplex
WiFi standards: 802.11ad
Beam angle - H. pol. [°]: 60
Beam angle - V. pol. [°]: 60
Firmware (RouterOS / SwOS)
MikroTik RBwAPG-60adkit Wireless Wire RBwAPG-60adkit, 1xGLAN, 60GHz, L3, 2 kom